Our Covid-19 Response

From John Younger, Our CEO:

We know many businesses are struggling, but still need to hire.  Companies need to reduce costs NOW.  We’re here to help – effective immediately, we have reduced our pricing to COST (around 7% per hire).  If you still cannot afford our pricing at cost, reach out to us and we will work something out.

We are all in this together.

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San Francisco, CA – April 14, 2020 – To help people find jobs, RecruiterShare®, a software platform that connects companies and recruiters, announced today that it is providing its services at cost through September 30, 2020. Our mission is to help more people get jobs, keep people in their homes, and help companies fill roles faster all while keeping expenses low during this coronavirus pandemic.

Many companies need to reduce costs while continuing to fill key roles. And recruiters aren’t able to get the right candidates to the hiring managers in time, jeopardizing their own jobs. Because of this, recruiters across the country are coming together under RecruiterShare® to help companies and people find the best jobs. It’s like ridesharing for hiring. And the company behind it all has decided to give RecruiterShare away at cost. The total cost is about 7% of the new hire’s salary.

“Unemployment is rising fast. Even with that, there are still approximately 5.9 million open jobs across the U.S. according to Gartner. The level of personal and corporate suffering related to Covid-19 continues to rise daily.” emphasized John Younger, founder of RecruiterShare®. “It hit all of us like a ton of bricks. Companies are beginning to get so many applicants. There are talented and proven recruiters fighting to keep their businesses afloat, companies who need to fill jobs, and people who need those jobs. There is a massive gap here that we can help fill. For us, it was a clear and immediate way we could help many lives across the country.”

“The speed of RecruiterShare®, the quality of the recruiters and the low cost makes it possible for our company to hire more people faster.” said Cory Levenberg, CEO of 42, Inc. “Also, spending so much less to fill our jobs frees up dollars to hire more people. RecruiterShare® gives us flexibility that we need right now and eliminates the need to use executive-retained and contingency-search, both very expensive options. Their decision to provide this service at cost is remarkable and necessary.”

“I am so excited to help more people find jobs and join the other recruiters across the country during this pandemic.” shared Michael Olivier, Senior Recruiter “Companies are cutting their recruiters at an alarming pace, but RecruiterShare® gives us a path to continue to work. Thank you RecruiterShare®!”

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About RecruiterShare®

RecruiterShare® (www.recruitershare.net) is a software platform provided by HireMojo, Inc. (www.hiremojo.com ) , a hiring automation platform. RecruiterShare® is an easy to use software that directly connects hiring companies with capable recruiters in approximately 17 minutes, and at cost around 7% of the salary. Most jobs at all levels across the Unites States are supported. Contact: Mark Bohdanyk, mbohdanyk@hiremojo.com, 415-755-1294