Ridesharing for recruiting's top talent

Ridesharing for recruiting's top talent.  RecruiterShare was built for exactly what's happening right now - distributed workforces designed to be plug and play for any company, anywhere in the world. When you have jobs to fill, get connected to your rated and vetted top recruiters, like how rideshare apps match you to a driver. Imagine getting connected to a top-rated recruiter in around 17 minutes, one with all the connections, tools and resources to get your job filled with the right person, as fast as possible. When you find recruiters you love, use them to support future jobs.

The differences between RecruiterShare® and an executive search agency simply come down to quality, speed, cost and transparency.  With RecruiterShare®, you get white-glove, top tier service and treatment. Because the recruiters have superior state-of-the-art tools, your total cost is usually between 5-9% of the new hire's compensation compared to an exorbitant agency fee of 18-33%.

The top recruiters across the country have joined forces to help companies like yours fill key roles, get more people hired and keep their families and livelihoods in tact.

RecruiterShare® helps you:
Get expert recruiter help fast:  No more tedious research on agencies/recruiters
Connect with your favorites:  Work with recruiters you know and love
Simplify engagement:  No complicated contracts and complicated process
Stay informed:  Full transparency with each recruiter's activities
Save a bundle:  Simple, fixed pricing saves your company over 70% versus other options

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Holistically solving the entire hiring problem, rather than parts of it.

If you are looking to actually make a hire, there's no faster, easier and less expensive way to do so with proven, rated recruiters.  RecruterShare and the underlying technology helps get you the right candidates and solve for hiring!

Learn how recruitershare® will help you save time, effort and money by disrupting the traditional hiring model

See how we are revolutionizing the way you connect with a proven, ranked recruiter - eliminating the need to ever use an agency or retained search again!


The Disruptors of the Recruiting Space

Our team was built already having harnessed AI, robots and hiring big data to create a foundation for RecruiterShare to sit atop. Our mission is to help all sides of the hiring equation; companies are connected with the right person faster, recruiters can make a great income and job seekers get matched with hiring managers quickly.  Here are the doers leading the charge: 

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John Younger, Chief collaborator/ceo

John’s not really limited to the technology or recruiting fields; he invented a carburetor for his 1967 Chevy Impala while in high school. It was during this time that he began to see the connections between math, chemistry, physics and their emotional impact on the person behind the wheel. This accomplishment helped open the door to the University of Notre Dame where he earned a degree in Math and Computer Science and was introduced to new people, big ideas and global...
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Janet macaulay, chief cat wrangler/cfo

Janet is a highly experienced finance and accounting professional delivering results for over 25 years in multiple industries providing high integrity leadership, operational process improvements, and streamlined administration to organizations ranging from Not for Profit, early stage venture funded and bootstrapped start ups, high growth multi-entity international companies, to $150 MM privately held companies: Technology • Construction • Services • Manufacturing • Green/Clean-Tech
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Jeff Rothman, Phd, mad scientist/CTO

Jeffrey Rothman has over 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry, and has worked in many technical and managerial positions, with roles in software development, support, operations, software architect, and as CTO. Jeffrey earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.
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Mark Bohdanyk, CCUE, chief drumbeater/marketing manager

Mark Bohdanyk has over 25 years experience in sales, marketing, technical training, customer service, broadcast television and radio, finance, fintech and an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Having traveled to 23 different countries and speaking multiple languages, he brings diverse perspectives and plenty of puns to the team in order to help businesses, recruiters and job seekers through RecruiterShare. 
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Mojo Master

Why There is a need

To connect people

With a combined 50+ years of experience in HR, we have discovered - at scale - that no one was trying to solve for the entire problem of hiring.  RecruiterShare is our answer to an aged recruiting system that hasn't changed since World War II.

No one cares about the Software du jour.  What people care about is making the hire.  We set out with the goal of making the process as easy as possible for everyone involved, and to pay great recruiters what they are worth.  It's a win/win/win scenario.  Because of those things, RecruiterShare® allows executives, managers and teams to connect instantly with proven, rated recruiters with a focus to make it easy, cut out the noise and make the hire at a fraction of the traditional model's cost.

How It Works

Change the Way you hire

Helping you reclaim your time is paramount to us. 

Sign up, enter your billing information and then tell us in the app what type of job you wish to fill.  See the top-rated recruiters for that field of expertise (with reviews!) and invite them to work on your job. 

Our response time is geared to be within 7-13 minutes; it's the white glove experience you've never been treated to before in the recruiting domain. 
You pay a Recruiter Activation Charge when you invite recruiters to support your job and then a Hiring Charge for each hire you make.  The best part is these are known prices (see Pricing below).

Our Clients Say


performance Pricing

No hidden costs - simple and affordable

Premium service leveraging technology for affordable pricing.
Engage with us how you want to - while we don't offer a free trial (there are too many costs involved to do so), our costs are 80% less than what you would generally pay at a recruiting agency today.  Plus, if you decide to engage us for multiple RecruiterShare® engagements up front, the price lowers with volume, so you save even more!

Choose from one of the three options below:

RecruiterShare®'s at-COST Pricing Structure:

United States Pricing
Tier of Job (Determined by Employee's Annual Pay)  At Job Launch*  Per Hire Total (Assuming Single Hire)
Tier 4 - Annual salary (or equivalent) $150,000 or greater $2,580 $12,470 $15,050
Tier 3 - Annual salary $70,000 to $149,999 $1,892 $9,288 $11,180
Tier 2 - Annual salary $35,000 to $69,999 $1,032 $4,300 $5,332
Tier 1 - Annual salary up to $34,999 or equivalent hourly rate $688 $2,838 $3,526

*When the Customer invites recruiters to support a job in RecruiterShare, the Customer agrees to pay that job's Launch Fee.

Pricing Comparison for Job with $130k Annual Compensation
HireMojo's RecruiterShare® Job Launch  Per Hire Total
Tier 3 - Annual salary $130,000 $1,892 $9,288 $11,180 (8.6%)
Retained Search (most similar to RecruiterShare®) $14,300 $28,600 $42,900 (33%)
Recruitment Agency   $32,500 $32,500 (25%)
Internal Recruiting Department     $15,600 (12%)
Fill Job Yourself If Willing To Spend 2-3 Weeks as a Recruiter     $9,100 (7%)

European Union Pricing
Tier of Job (Determined by Employee's Annual Pay)  At Job Launch*  Per Hire Total (Assuming Single Hire)
Tier 4 - Annual salary (or equivalent) €150.000 or greater €6.076 €9.016 €15.092
Tier 3 - Annual salary €70.000 to €149.999 €4.410 €6.664 €11.074
Tier 2 - Annual salary €35.000 to €69.999 €2.156 € 3.136 €5.292
Tier 1 - Annual salary up to €34.999 €1.470 €2.156 €3.626

*When the Customer invites recruiters to support a job in RecruiterShare, the Customer agrees to pay that job's Launch Fee.

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    Do what you love, on your own schedule and make more

    RecruiterShare® Recruiters have the ability to take control of their own financial freedom - working when they want and doing what they love - helping the right people connect.  RecruiterShare Recruiters know when they accept a job how much they can expect to make, meaning they can accurately chart their financial future.  Why work for an agency, when you can make more working as an independent, rated recruiter for your own company?

    All you need to do is choose your preferred business structure: a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, or a Limited Liability Company. Go here to learn more about ways you can easily create a company in your state. You may want to look at creating a Sole Proprietorship, as they have less paperwork (you don’t need to file anything with the state), and there is no minimum tax imposed by most cities and states (other structures have to pay an annual minimum tax that varies by state).

    how does Being a recruitershare recruiter work?

    a simple 6-step process gets you helping people and earning more

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